Time Management Techniques

Never enough hours in the day 

Effective Time Management Techniques

Do you ever feel that there never seem to be enough hours in the day to achieve your daily tasks and objectives? Do you often find yourself rushing? Does your “to do” list seem to grow daily? Are deadlines looming and you can feel the pressure building? All of these are signs that you could potentially be managing your time and your priorities more effectively. This practical 1 day training course will provide you with valuable techniques to streamline your working day, providing you with user friendly, real world tips and techniques to get more done each day.

This intensive 1 day course will guide delegates on how to:

  • Understand the importance of being organised and how to achieve this
  • Use goal setting as an effective way of achieving more each day
  • Create and execute an action plan
  • Prioritise their daily tasks effectively
  • Limit procrastination by implementing some practical self management techniques
  • Use technology effectively to assist with managing time and ticking off tasks
  • Use delegation as an effective method for freeing up more time
  • Limit distractions and the downside of multitasking in order to stay on track

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