Maintaining a Professional Reception Area

Maintaining a Professional Reception Area

We all know that first impressions are the most important. It therefore stands to reason that a company’s reception area should be impeccably maintained in order to ensure that a strong first impression of the organisation is given. If the reception is clean and tidy, then visitors will immediately view the company as professional. It is also critical that receptionists act as the first line of defence for an organisation – ensuring the safety of their staff and visitors. This highly practical accredited 1 day training course, will provide vigilant receptionists with the essentials of managing a reception area to ensure their organisation always looks professional and their employees and visitors are safe-guarded.

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This highly practical 1 day programme will allow receptionists to:

  • Implement and maintain the organisation’s housekeeping standards
  • Take appropriate action and implement procedures to rectify substandard areas and monitoring this to ensure the required action is taken
  • Ensure that visitors cards and permits are obtained from security personnel and issued correctly to all visitors
  • Monitor and maintain the organisations firearm policy
  • Accurately report all discrepancies and problems to ensure they are quickly rectified thereby ensuring safety of the workplace

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