Inspirational Management and Leadership

Managers need to lead and empower their staff

Inspirational Management and Leadership

Managing and leading staff effectively is a crucial success factor for managers. They need to lead and empower their staff – ultimately resulting in a driven, productive and motivated team. Synergy Corporate Consulting has developed a highly practical and jam-packed 2 day programme that introduces managers to the key elements that need to be mastered in order to successfully manage and lead their staff.

The highly practical 2 day programme will allow managers to:

  • Understand the intricacies of world class leadership and management
  • Build a cohesive team that works together to achieve their objectives
  • Deal effectively with difficult behaviour by addressing it immediately and providing constructive, corrective feedback
  • Apply critical thinking techniques to solve problems quickly
  • Plan and prioritise their workload using effective delegation and prioritisation techniques ensuring they achieve their objectives whilst developing a proactive, empowered team
  • Implement clear, dynamic and open communication that prevents misunderstandings, irritation and conflict
  • Use delegation as a staff and team development tool that results in a self-driven, self-managing and performing team

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