The Professional Administrative Assistant

The Professional Administrative Assistant

Secretaries, PAs and Administrative Assistants are the backbone of any organisation. Without their administrative and project management skills, managers would be faced with an insurmountable workload. Professional administrative assistants are able to organise meetings, produce a variety of business documents, manage budgets, forecast challenges and provide ongoing real support to their managers. This practical 2 day course will provide administrative assistants with a variety of key administrative and support skills that they can use everyday in order to become a truly indispensable.

This highly practical 2 day programme will teach administrators to:

  • Effortlessly set-up and co-ordinate meetings, invite attendees and manage all meeting administration
  • Take accurate and comprehensive minutes and draft these for distribution quickly and professionally
  • Write professional documents – from emails to reports
  • Manage their time and priorities effectively, limiting stress, overtime or missed deadlines
  • Work seamlessly with their managers – predicting and meeting their requirements
  • Communicate professionally with colleagues, clients and superiors
  • Implement proven administration management techniques

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