Superior Negotiation Techniques

Superior Negotiation Techniques

On a daily basis, we negotiate with suppliers, customers, superiors, colleagues and even friends and family. Negotiation is one of the most commonly used practices in business – however we are not always aware that we are negotiating – or being negotiated! Finely-tuned negotiation skills allow you to enter any situation with a confident and clear view of what your objectives are, and allow you to find mutually beneficial outcomes in a range of negotiation scenarios. This practical 2 day training course will highlight different negotiation techniques that you will master to assist you in becoming more successful in your role.

This intensive 2 day course will guide delegates on how to:

  • Understand the essential role assertiveness and confidence play during negotiations
  • Establish their individual negotiation style and fine-tuning this for success
  • Avoid being intimidated during a negotiation by following some key self development techniques
  • Plan successfully for any negotiation to ensure you ae not surprised or blindsided during the process
  • Discover how to react masterfully to different negotiation tactics and tricks
  • Learn how to follow up effectively after any negotiate in order to seal the deal

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