Professional Business Writing Skills

Professional Business Writing Skills

Every day, a business requires its employees to draft a multitude of business documents – many of which leave the company and are read by clients, suppliers, business associates or prospects. These documents therefore need to be of the highest standard, and reflect accurate information as well as impeccable grammar and correct layout. This hands-on 2 day training course will provide delegates with practical templates to use for many current business documents, as well as providing them with business writing techniques and tips.

This highly practical 2 day programme will allow delegates to:

  • Understand the various types of business correspondence and formats and how to draft these documents correctly
  • Utilise correct formatting requirements for various business documents
  • Organise their thoughts prior to commencing to ensure their documents are well thought out, logical and comprehensive
  • Edit documents thoroughly to pick up on any spelling, grammatical or logic errors that may have slipped in
  • Write documents in a clear , logical manner, making them easier to read and understand
  • Gain templates of various business documents that they can se as a basis for their writing endeavours

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