The Exceptional Receptionist

The Exceptional Receptionist

A professional receptionist is the one of the most important assets an organisation can have. When visitors or clients call or visit your organisation, they are immediately impressed if your receptionist is friendly and professional. This intensive 1 day training course will provide receptionists with a variety of key skills, allowing them to interact and communicate professionally both in person with visitors or telephonically with clients.

This intensive 1 day course will guide delegates on how to:

  • Answer, transfer and end telephone calls in the most professional manner
  • Deal with difficult callers calmly, and unearthing the cause of their dissatisfaction
  • Appreciate the cultural differences in our country, allowing them to greet all visitors professionally and appropriately
  • Multitask and manage their priorities successfully to ensure their variety of tasks are achieved each day
  • Maintain a clean and professional looking reception desk that reflects your organisation’s image
  • Dress and conduct themselves in the most professional manner, ensuring they are ambassadors for your organisation

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