First time Supervisory Techniques

A supervisory promotion is not something you can do through “winging it”

First time Supervisory Techniques

Excelling in a new supervisory role is critical to your future success in management. Successfully managing the increased responsibilities and tasks that come with a supervisory promotion is not something you can do through “winging it”. You need a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of managing others, and the many challenges you will be faced when you are no longer simply responsible for doing your job, but responsible for how others do theirs. This practical 2 day training course will provide new supervisors with the essential building blocks they will need to excel in their position.

This intensive 2 day course will guide delegates on how to:

  • Understand the necessary mind-set and image that a supervisor needs to portray
  • Use practical influencing skills to win over their staff to their way of thinking
  • Implement effective motivation techniques to ensure staff is productive and goal orientated
  • Solve conflicts and challenges effectively before they become barriers to productivity
  • Manage their time effectively so that they can lead their staff and still achieve their organisational objectives
  • Identify common first time supervisor mistakes and how to avoid making them

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