Secretarial & Administrative Courses

About this course Email is the most common form of communication in business today. It is a great medium for conveying information rapidly, and allows users to not only send information, but record the date and time of sending, if the email was opened and read, and the response of the recipient. This instantaneous communication can however be easily misunderstood, misinterpreted or set in error or anger. These pitfalls are can be easily rectified by following some simple email writing rules
What will you learn? This highly practical 1 day programme will allow secretaries and PAs to:
  • Understand what should and shouldn’t be sent by email
  • Create concise and clear email subject lines, for quick understanding and easy reference
  • Avoid sending emails in haste by ensuring strict adherence to some key editing rules
  • Keep emails short and concise, allowing the receiver to rapidly uncover the reason for the email and respond appropriately
  • Follow some key email etiquette rules to limit any misunderstandings or ruffled feathers
  • Implement effective and practical email filing tools so information is always easily retrievable
  • Apply some commonly accepted business writing rules to your emails – it is still business writing after all!
About this course Secretaries and PAs are required to organise, arrange, manage and minute meetings. Once this has been achieved, they need to type up, edit and  distribute the minutes. The  manner in which meetings are arranged, and the resulting professionalism of the minutes is an immediate reflection of the professionalism of the secretary or PA. This two day training course will teach secretaries and PAs how to arrange the most professional meetings, and will provide them with key guidelines and templates for taking, editing and distributing world class minutes.
What will you learn? This highly practical 2 day programme will teach administrators to:
  • Understand the different types of meetings common in the business environment
  • Discover a checklist of activities that need to be concluded before every meeting to ensure its success
  • Cleverly arrange venues, catering, travel arrangements, equipment and décor to ensure meetings are not hampered by operational issues
  • Take accurate and professional minutes during a meeting
  • Use a variety of minute templates that best suit the intended outcome of the meeting
  • Implement essential editing techniques to ensure their minutes are accurate, clear and well written
Secretaries and PAs are often called upon to develop powerful and impactful presentations for their managers or teams. These presentations need to clear and compelling. There is nothing worse than a PowerPoint presentation that is either: jam packed with information, making it difficult to understand or read or crammed full of special effects, making the graphic component more eye catching than the vital information being shared.
This highly practical 2 day training course will teach delegates how to develop powerful PowerPoint presentations that allow the information to be the champion, whilst displaying it in a professional and eye catching manner.
This incredibly practical 2 day programme will teach secretaries and PAs to:
  • Utilise a variety of handy PowerPoint presentation tools
  • Precis vast amounts of information into shorter, more powerful segments
  • Choose PowerPoint templates that reflect the organisation's style and suit the message that is being conveyed
  • Find quick shortcuts when developing presentations to save time
  • Incorporate various media into a presentation to make it more exciting and memorable
  • Compact the presentation so it doesn’t end up being a huge file that is difficult to share or save
Organising an event for your company can be a daunting task. As the person responsible for this, you have a multitude of responsibilities and tasks that need to be executed flawlessly in order to ensure the smooth running of the event. From office end of year parties to complex multi-delegate events, professional events all have a preparation roadmap that, if followed, ensure the success of the event. This engaging and practical course will provide delegates with the keys to successful event planning and execution, and will include some innovative and exciting ideas to use that will make your events memorable – for all the right reasons!
This extremely practical and intensive 2 day course will teach delegates to:
  • Use a comprehensive event planning tool to ensure all elements of the event are identified, planned for and well executed
  • Apply world class project management techniques to any event
  • Use an even budgeting plan to ensure your costs are well managed, expected and controlled
  • Implement a communication pan to ensure all stakeholders know what their responsibilities are and execute these timeously
  • Discover some proven negotiation techniques when dealing with venues and suppliers to ensure you always get the best deal!
Being responsible for managing the office is a significant task. Often, being the office manager is just one of the many responsibilities that you shoulder every day. In-between your usual priorities and required duties, you also need to ensure that the office runs smoothly, and that you negotiate the best service levels and prices for various office requirements.  This requires a unique set of skills that are fortunately easy to learn and simple to implement.
This highly practical 2 day programme will allow Office Managers to:
  • Identify the various elements of their Office Management responsibility – and identify what they should be either adding or removing from their plate
  • Discover some powerful negotiation techniques to use when dealing with suppliers – from stationary to furniture to technical support services
  • Understand the basics of a Service Level Agreement – and what should be in that agreement to ensure you receive maximum benefit from your investment with a service provider
  • Understand the importance of office safety – what the law says, and who should be responsible for this
  • Identify areas where your office could be run more efficiently – both from a time and money point of view