SAQA Qualification ID 50060 | NQF level 5 | 160 credits

National Certificate in Public Administration level 5

The purpose of the NQF Level 5 Public Administration qualification is to provide a structured programme for public officials to provide support to strategic leadership and management needed to transform all spheres of government. The need for well-qualified efficient, client-oriented public officials is therefore identified as a priority in all the three spheres of government. The National Certificate in Public Administration (NQF Level 5) is aimed at practitioners working in the public sector. It is a qualification in a career pathway towards an accomplished public administration and management specialist. The National Certificate in Public Administration focuses on vital skills such as service delivery, knowledge management, formulation of public sector policies, risk management, applying the public sector legislative framework, managing people, leadership, financial administration, project management and information technology for the public sector. The competencies covered in the proposed unit standards encapsulate the competencies required by public officials working at the operational level. The qualification will therefore enhance the ability of the qualifying learner as a public finance official to perform the necessary administration tasks expected as well as improve management abilities.
This qualification is ideal for middle and senior managers or people earmarked for this position. There are no exams. Delegates are required to complete a Portfolio of Evidence.
Applicants must have a Senior Certificate or Communication at NQF Level 4 and Mathematical Literacy NQF Level 4 (Grade 12) and at least one year’s managerial experience.
  • Manage service delivery improvement and employ client service delivery techniques
  • Manage and lead human resources in the workplace
  • Apply the principles of knowledge management to public sector administration
  • Plan strategically to improve business performance
  • Apply South African legislation and policy affecting public administration
  • Apply the principles of risk management to manage risk situations in the public sector
  • Design, formulate public sector policies and regulations

Module 1: Public Service Delivery Improvement Planning

  • Understanding of Organisation Vision, Goals and Objectives, Value and Ethics, as well as the relevant Public Service Sector Policies
  • Designing and implementing Public Service Delivery Improvement Plans

Module 2: Human Resources Planning

  • Human Resources Planning covering Recruitment and Selection, Performance Management, Training and Development and improving the Organisational Learning Culture
  • Personal Development Planning and Performance Reviews
  • Stress Management Planning

Module 3: Knowledge Management

  • Knowledge Management definitions and principles
  • Understanding Human Capital, Structural Capital and Customer Capital

Module 4: Managing Conflict and Diversity

  • Understanding Delegation, Conflict and Diversity
  • Facilitating innovative and creative solution design
  • Compiling Implementation Strategies, Plans and Feedback Reports

Module 5: South African Legislation and Policies

  • The role of Government Frameworks and Institutions
  • Factors affecting Policy Making
  • Policy design through evaluation of Policy Alternatives
  • Implementation, monitoring and feedback of Policies
  • Public Financial Management in the Implementation of Policy Programmes
  • Ethics, Standards, Professional Conduct and Codes of Conduct in Public Sector Administration

Module 6: Risk Assessment Reporting

  • Identifying valid analysis techniques
  • Risk Assessment Reporting with potential risks, risk prevention procedures for consideration and recommendations on monitoring techniques and practices