National Certificate:

Office Supervisor Qualification Details:

SAQA ID: 118740 – NQF 5


Curriculum Code: 334101-000-00-00

Entry Level Requirements: NQF Level 4 qualification

Purpose and Rationale of the Unit Standard:

The purpose of this qualification is to prepare a learner to operate as an Office Supervisor. Office Supervisors plan,
organise, lead and control office functions in a business environment.

A qualified learner will be able to:
Provide planning support on recruitment, selection, and disciplinary processes of an organisation.
Organise and coordinate work activities with other work units or departments.
Coach and mentor administrators in an office environment.
Handle internal communications within an office environment.
Handle conflicts and solve problems within an office environment.
Ensure compliance with regulations and company procedures.
Perform financial controls and reporting in an office environment


This qualification provides a learner with the competencies required to operate as an Office Supervisor in various businesses. It specifically develops supervisory competencies at the junior manager’s level. It builds on the foundation laid at the office administration level which focuses on competencies for personnel clerks, filing clerks and data capturers. The qualification introduces the ability to apply key terms, rules, concepts, principles and practices of management that will enable learners to be informed office.

The scope of supervision covers four domains: plan, organise and coordinate, control, and lead in a business environment. This qualification addresses each of these domains with competencies specific to planning support of office functions, organise and coordinate work activities, coaching and mentoring of others, handling conflicts, and performing office controls. It provides learners with the knowledge and practical skills that enable functioning as an office supervisor.

Various businesses have different offices with data capturing, personnel assistance and filing as core functions. The supervision of these roles is normally performed by an office supervisor and this qualification enables businesses to be able to employ individuals with competencies that match this supervising role. Businesses across economic sectors will benefit from a pool of office supervisors with competencies already fitting the needs of the roles.

Previously, office supervisors would acquire competencies through various qualifications, mainly the Further Education
and Training Certificate: Administration Management, Business Administration services and Further Education and


  • All these qualifications were at NQF level 4 while operating at various occupational levels. This then required a QCTO realignment process to ascertain an appropriate level and corresponding competencies through engagement with industry experts during the curriculum development. The qualification is aimed at new entrants and learners who are already working in the field within a variety of function in office administration with a need for growth.

Exit level outcomes:

On achieving this qualification, the learner will be able to:

  1. Plan, prepare and provide necessary support during recruitment, selection and disciplinary purposes.
  2. Organise and coordinate work activities in an office environment.
  3. Coach and mentor others in an office environment.
  4. Communicate effectively and manage internal stakeholders in an office environment.
  5. Resolve conflicts in an office environment.
  6. Identify compliance issues and ensure necessary office compliance.
  7. Perform basic financial controls and reporting in an office environment.

The proposed duration for this qualification as per SAQA’s notional hour requirements is 2400 hours. This is approximately
2 Years.

Are there part time qualifications available:
There are no part qualifications

Cost and payment plan:

The total cost of the qualification is R40 000, more affordable than our competitors. We do offer payment plans if the fee cannot be afforded upfront.
We will accept R5 000 at registration and enrolment, thereafter a fee of R1 750 will be payable monthly until completion of the programme.