Innovation is at the core of business success. Innovation is about momentum – driving business forward through a creative process that assists professionals to solve complex challenges, innovate business processes, service customers and over-achieve personal and team goals. At every level of your organisation, your staff should be implementing design thinking methodologies to discover new, creative opportunities. This practical 2 day course will unpack design thinking methodologies and show delegates how to apply this approach to their everyday tasks.

This intensive 2 day course will guide delegates on how to:

  • Understand the concept of design thinking and how it can be successfully used to boost organisational performance
  • Realise the importance of innovation in the world of work and how successful companies worldwide are using design thinking to drive innovation
  • Discover and implement the key steps to effective design thinking
  • Use design thinking to create a more collaborative, flexible and productive team
  • Find innovative solutions to everyday problems and hurdles
  • Implement the fundamentals of design thinking to generate, define, test and implement new ideas